Two Carriers on a Single eSim

In the latest  Android 13 will allow Two Carriers on a Single eSim. Google is working on a patented tech that would allow users to activate two cellular connection lines from different carriers on a single eSIM.

This latest Android feature is called Multiple Enabled Profiles, or MEP in short, and it will likely be enabled with the arrival of Android 13.

You can read more about this new feature in a detailed review by Esper’s Mishaal Rahman. According to him, MEP is a software-based solution for activating two profiles on a single eSIM.

A standard eSIM system only allows a single SIM profile to remain active at a time. Even though it can store multiple profiles simultaneously. And that means if you want to maintain two cellular lines on your phone. It must either have two separate eSIM slots. Or a hybrid eSIM + physical SIM system.

Google’s MEP proposes a system of logical interfaces that can create two communication channels on a single physical connection. Each logical channel can carry a SIM profile. This means a single physical connection can route two SIM profiles to the modem from one eSIM enclosure.

So if your phone has an eSIM slot and is Android 13 compatible then you will be able to utilize this feature. Google has reportedly been testing MEP on Pixel phones. On Pixel phones, the underlying MEP modifications will be handled by the pre-installed SIM Manager app.

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