Android and Google Pay Attack

You need to learn about the latest Android and Google Pay Attack after which MILLIONS of Samsung Galaxy phones are at risk from a “severe” flaw. And this could lead to hackers targeting Android payment systems such as Google Pay.

Samsung phones across five generations, which range from the Galaxy S8 to the S21, are allegedly at risk from the flaw. This newfound flaw could let hackers steal keys used for secure payments made through systems like Google Pay.

Android and Google Pay Attack?

Security experts are warning that around 100million Samsung Galaxy devices. This includes the S21 phones, which are also at a risk from a “severe” security vulnerability. Security experts in Israel demonstrated two real-world attacks.

Researchers were able to steal highly sensitive information from Samsung devices that supposedly were protected. Paul Ducklin, the principal research scientist at Sophos, told ThreatPost that Samsung coders had committed a “cardinal cryptographic sin”.

The problem lay undiscovered for years until researchers from Tel-Aviv University located the vulnerability. Experts were also able to bypass FIDO2 authentication to gain access to passwords.

A spokesperson for Samsung said: “Samsung takes the security of Galaxy devices seriously. We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the security of our products and welcome any input from research communities. We recommend our users to keep their devices updated with the latest software to enjoy safe and convenient Galaxy mobile experiences.”

You will just have to wait and watch how Samsung addresses this issue in the coming days. But in the meanwhile for all those using these both payment methods beware.

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